League Awards Overview

Participation Awards

As a League we decided to invite all teams from the Under 7's, 8's, 9's & 10's age groups to our main presentation day at Drayton Manor so that we as a league can reward them for their hard work and effort through out the 2018/19 season.


We conducted feedback on the event and we had some great feedback from managers and parents so we have made the decision that this will continue for many season to come.

On our leagues Facebook page you can find two videos captured by one of the leagues committee members which shows how good your managers are at dancing during a dance off a few seasons ago.



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Annual Drayton Manor Award Day

Every year we invite the Winners and Runners Up from every division in the Under 11's right through to the Under 18's to a presentation day at Drayton Manor Theme Park. We do this so we as a league can reward them for their hard work and effort through out the season. The teams along with their parents and loved ones are all seated inside the Tower Suite where the players receive their league Winners or Runners Up medals and a team shield which is presented by a special guest on the day. To make the teams time in the limelight more personal we ask the team to provide a song which they would like to walk up to the stage to collect their medals. We also put the players and managers names up on a projector for when they are called up to the stage. For the 2018-2019 Season we also invited the Younger age groups Under 7's to Under 10's to collect their participation medals.

Cup & Trophy Event Finals Day

Over the past few seasons we have tried to make our Cup & Trophy final games more like a festival football set-up which means we have all age groups at one large venue over two weekends. Its proved to be a great day of youth football with the players and parents enjoying the day no matter the result. For the past two years we have used Chasetown Youth FC's pitches at Erasmus Darwin Academy and have had great success at running our finals there so a massive thank you goes to Chasetown Youth FC. For this season we will be playing our finals at Shelfield Football Clubs Pitches at Manor Farm Community Centre, so we look forward to our finals this year.

For the two oldest age groups we offer them the choice to play at a different venue which makes it a very special experience for most players in our league. In the past we have used venues such as Chasetown Football Club, Hednesford Town FC & Lichfeld City FC.