Match Day Ready

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well,

I wanted to go through where we are as a League for final preparations for the weekend,


1 – Covid Officer - The league should know your Club Covid Officer before the season starts – Please get this information to me as I am the League Covid officer


2 – Player Registration – everyone will be aware what problems we have currently with the WGS I have had permission today, that we can do manual signings of players at the moment, enclosed is a document for you to complete if you need to. I would ask that this is sent through no later than 6 o’clock on Saturday 12/09/20 if possible.


3 – Full Time – We currently do not have a full time system – The FA are working on this, for the moment we will do manual fixtures , Hopefully this will possibly sorted through the weekend

A, There is no match report form as a paper copy is deemed as not mitigating the virus

B , You will not get a text for the result to be entered as the season c

urrently does not exist

C , Please text your results to your section secretary – so that at some point they can be added to full time

D, It is not compulsory to wear the bib for the linesman if a parent is sharing doing half of the game, this is to control the virus


4 – Risk Assessments – Please ensure each Club has one in place that is shared with your teams, I must have confirmation that this is in place, each home team MUST share their risk assessment with the opposition before that match, this should be shared no later than the Wednesday before a match.


5 – Referee – reminder that you must confirm your referee by Wednesday at 9:00pm latest


6 – Best Practices – I shared the League thoughts at our virtual league meeting, I will endeavour to get this over to you today as a reminder


7 – Virus – the FA have asked me to remind you all that we must follow the Government guidelines to enable the game to continue, If in doubt please ask.


8 – The Power of 6 – Please remember that spectators should be in no more than groups of six, one parent per player ONLY. These groups should be also 2 meters apart, Please also ensure that managers stay in their own technical area and that substitutes are also adhere to social distancing


9 – Track & Trace - I want to clear up any uncertainties around this system, each team is responsible for their squad and parents, this should be kept in the form of a register, the home team is responsible for the referee and referee parents. I am aw

are that Staffs FA have said just players, this is not what the league have decided

You will not be breaching GDPR rules if you track and trace your own parents. Records MUST be kept for 21 days.


10 – Match Balls – we are waiting delivery of these – we will most likely set up a collection point from a suitable outside venue with time slots, I will update you as soon as I have details


11 – Injuries – The FA Guidance is that managers should still be at a social distance for first aid, unless a severe injury, it is advised that the manager calls the parent to the pitch to assist, the manager should have the correct PPE in place, the parent would not have to wear a mask to assist as the player that is in their bubble.


12 – Reporting cases – Please report any confirmed cases to me as soon as you have confirmation, also if you have a player with symptoms or parent .


Finally – Stay Safe – Enjoy the game – Keep the rules – Ask for help !!


Attached is the emergency signing form.


Tracey King

COVID Officer - Vice Chair – League Secretary

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